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Hey Drift Illustrated fans, Today we speak to Drew Donovan of Team Drift Motorsport NZ. Drew has managed to forge his own drift empire in the New Zealand drift culture by becoming one of the best drivers in the country along with his wife and by far one of the coolest livery's in all of drift.

1. Give our fans a brief history of what got you into drifting.

I'm the type of person who always has a passion on the go. It's normally my main focus and whatever it may be I'll basically dedicate my life to it. For the last 10 years that's exactly what drifting has been.

I wanted to get into a motor sport, it was a toss up with rally but at the time I thought drifting would be a cheap option

2. What was your first drift car

My first official track drift car was a S13, packing an RB26

3. Tell us about your journey to becoming a Pro NZ driver

My plan was to buy a car (the s13) do as many practice days as I could for one year. At the time I planned to win the D1NZ championship the following year... maybe a touch ambitious though... haha!!

I did a a season of D1NZ Rookie (similar to the Pro-Sport class) before moving up to the Pro class which we built the S15 for.

The reality of our sport and the level of the NZ drivers is exactly why we keep coming back, you can always improve yourself and your machine... and dont expect your competitors not to do the same!

4. The Milwaukee livery has become one the industries coolest cars tell us about that relationship and how it came to be.

We had actually been working with Milwaukee on an events basis (we used to run drift events and competitions)

From there it grew and became the current relationship

5. Whats the coolest thing that has ever happen'd during your drift career

Competing in Japan in a world level against some of the top in the sport such as Diego Saito and Nakamura certainly rates pretty high but to finish 5th inside the top 8 at the 2nd round we did was epic!!

6. Obscure question time. What super power would you rather have Flight or invisibility?

100% flight!! lost count of how many times I dream't I could as a kid

7. Back to drifting. Tell our fans about the D1NZ championship that you run.

D1NZ is national drifting championship here in New Zealand.

The best thing about it is the level of drivers and cars... and because of this it draws teams in from all over the world to see how they stack up.

8. What do you think about Formula Drift, Will you ever compete in the US?

FD is arguably the pinnacle of drift in the world and Is love to get there some day soon

9. Who is your all time favorite drifter?

Nico Reid on a personal level. good dude, no bull shit and drives 100 all the time

10. Tell us about the future of Drew Donovan, were do you see yourself in the future of drifting.

I'm just getting started, Jodie and I have few super cool projects we are currently working on so keep your eyes peeled!! :)

Check out this awesome video done by Drew and Jodi Donavan.

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