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Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver Introduction. Patrick Heald

Patrick Heald has earned his Pro2 Formula Drift License for the 2018 season. We got a chance to speak with him regarding his drift history and his future in the sport.

1. Give the Drift Illustrated fans a brief history on what got you into drifting?

I have always had a love for cars, particularly JDM cars. In 2006 before I really knew much about drifting, I was racing in a super cheap road course series at Evergreen Speedway. I bought a car that that was already set up for the series, and it just happened to be a 240sx, This was the car that started it all for me. The track that I raced at also held drift events about once a month, during one of the race days for the series I was in the track held a drifting exhibition. When I saw these guys screaming around the track sideways I knew it was something I had to try! I ended up converting my car for drifting and have been hooked ever since.

2. What was your first drift car?

My first Drift car was a 1991 Nissan 240sx. It was all stock, dented on almost every panel from the road course racing, and flat black, typical 240sx haha

3. Tell the fans a story about your first year behind the wheel of a drift car?

Well in my first year of drifting I was really working on my fundamental skills for drifting and really just getting solid seat time in car. . Also building the car towards being a competitive drift car with the basic mods like coilovers, suspension arms, knuckles, and making some more power.

4. What was your first drift competition?

My first ever time competing in drifting was 2015 at Evergreen Drift ProAm round 1. I qualified into the top 16, after going OMT with former pro 2 driver Chris Johnson I was beaten by him. After that I went to grassroots round 1 the following weekend where I qualified 1st place unfortunately I had an engine failure in my first tandem battle of the day.

5. How did you land your first sponsor?

My first Sponsor was actually one the local-ish guys, Gspec suspension. He was looking for a ProAM driver to promote his suspension parts that he was making at the time. It was nice to get my feet wet with a small local company, I sent him essentially my first draft of my sponsorship proposal which helped me later on in the year with picking up more well known sponsors.

6. Alright Favorite track for drifting and favorite driver?

I have a ton of love for my home track evergreen speedway, but my favorite track that I have drifted so far would have to be PARC in Oregon. As for my favorite driver I would have to say it's probably Chelsea Denofa, he seems like a pretty cool guy and he drives the wheels off it on the track.

7. Tell us something you learned running your ProAM Series?

I've learned a lot in the last 2 years of running ProAM at Evergreen Drift. I've learned that I really like all the drivers at the events, even though we are super competitive we are also very supportive of each other and we all get along really well. I've also learned that having a good team makes all the difference, also that having your car setup for consistency is key to winning.

8. What are your plans for 2018.. (What events,Car, Build, Demos)

My plans for 2018 are to run the full Formula drift pro 2 series, as well as some of the bigger local PNW events like Driftcon and maybe a ProAM event or 2 I plan on releasing my schedule in the next month or so. I am currently prepping my car for the 2018 season, making some small modifications to meet the Pro 2 rules, and cleaning the car up mostly. I will be running a 600hp turbo charged KA24DE along with nitrous to help with boost lag.

9. Lets talk about your partners/sponsors. Who helped you get here?

I have had some great sponsors the last few years,

ALM automotive; this is the shop where I keep and build my car its a super small local shop but we do almost everything there in house, I would not be drifting without their help.

EOP Distributing; started working with me this last season and has been a great help with all my lines and fittings on the car.

Cosmis Racing wheels; These guys have been helping me out with wheels the past few years, they are super cool guys and make some awesome wheels.

Mishimoto; This will be my 2nd year working with Mishimoto super easy to work with them and they have everything you need to keep your car running cool.

Nitrous Express; I started working with Nitrous Express at the beginning of last season. They have been super helpful with getting me set up with the products and tools I needed for the nitrous system, everything they make is top notch!

Fortune auto; A new partnership for 2018 is fortune auto. I am super excited to be working with these guys! They custom build and assemble all their coilovers in the USA. All of their coilovers custom made with the valving and spring rates specs you ask for. I am supper happy to say Fortune auto is the official suspension of Heald racing.

10.Tell the fans how to find you online and in person for 2018?

You can find me at

on facebook at:

on instagram at:

In Person at all the Formula drift pro 2 rounds in 2018, as well as hanging out at Evergreen Speedway during the local drift events.

Follow my adventures along with my friend Alex on YouTube on the lindsay Drifting channel

5 Bonus Answers. Give us 5 things we didn't know about you.

  1. Born, raised, and still living in Western Washington

  2. Practiced martial arts and had 2 MMA bouts with a record of 1 win and 1 loss

3. I have a gray cat named Ferg, he pretty much runs the house.

4. Have a day job as a diesel mechanic.

5. I was racing cars before I had my license

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