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Nick Gross Formula Drift Pro-2 Driver

Welcome back to another Pro-AM Driver feature. This time its with Nick Gross who competes in South West Drift.

1. Give our fans a brief history of what got you into drifting.

In 2008 I attended my first FD event, the Red Bull world championship in the Long Beach harbor. That event had me hooked right away and sparked my dreams of competing in the pros one day, which I always thought was just some crazy dream. I bought my current car bone stock in 2014 and within two weeks had some basic modifications done for my first track day. It only took one grass roots event at Wild Horse Pass and I knew it was what I wanted to do.

2. What was your first drift car

My first car is actually the car that I am currently competing in, a 1996 Nissan 240sx.

3. Where did you compete for the first time.

My first competition was in Tucson, Arizona at Musselman Honda Circuit in 2015, which was right after completing the build.

4. Tell us about your journey to becoming a Pro-Am driver

I drove the car in its stock form with minor mods for a year, that was when it got to the point where I felt I needed more of a car to continue to progress. With the LS build I had every intention of eventually running in the Southwest Drift Series. I ran round 3 in Tucson in 2015, qualified 12th, which was pretty cool for my first event. Going into tandem practice I was feeling pretty good and ready, unfortunately on my last tandem practice run the engine let go, which was very violent and completely destroyed it. That was a LQ9 pulled from a low mileage Escalade, when that happened I decided I was not going to use junkyard engines anymore. It was replaced with a fully built LS1 from CBM in California, they build some of the most reliable LS engines in the country. With the help from those guys and all my other sponsors we were able to put it all together and run a full season this year. The results were very unexpected but I am really excited to continue pushing things to see how far we can take it.

5. Whats the coolest thing that has ever happen'd during your drift career

Thus far meeting all these new people, forming new friendships and getting to shred on the track with these amazing people has been quite a dream come true. I think the coolest thing was the night before round 3 when I wrecked the car. It was in really bad shape and every single one of these people just lined up ready to do whatever they could to help, it almost brought me to tears. I would not have made it to competition the next day without them.

6. Obscure question time. What super power would you rather have Flight or Invisibility?

Definitely flight. Ive always been fascinated by helicopters and airplanes and always wanted to skydive. I would love to experience the feeling of flying.

7. Back to drifting. Whats in store for next year will you be running Pro 2 tell us more about some of your plans.

Right now I am planning on getting as much seat time as possible. I do not currently plan on going Pro 2 right away, I believe I need to get more experience to progress more as a driver before I could be competitive with the pros. My plan is to take this next year to hopefully do just that and develop a better program as well to support a Pro 2 season.

8. What is your favorite FD track?

If I really had to pick, I would say Long Beach. The amount of commitment it takes to run wall to wall is incredible. However, Irwindale and Atlanta are up there as well.

9. What current FD driver are you most excited to compete against

I would be most excited to compete against George Kiriakopoulos, he is who I would have battled against in Tucson if my engine did not blow. He is also someone I think would just be a blast to drive with.

10. Tell us about the future of Nick Gross were do you see yourself in the future of drifting.

If the cards line up for me to run Pro 1, I would go for it. I do know that level of driving is a huge financial leap as well as a huge commitment, but it has been a dream of mine. My long term goal would be to establish enough experience to drive as a career, like some sort of stunt driving.

11. Tell the fans and future sponsors were they can find you online?

You can follow me on Instagram @nickgross_drift

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5 Things we didn't know about Nick gross

I used to blow glass.

I have zero racing or diving experience prior to drifting beside some karting at octane raceway.

I love traveling and being outdoors.

I played the clarinet in middle school.

I’m 1/4 choctaw Indian.

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