• Greg Jones

Game Informer Magazine partners with Formula Drift team Jeff Jones Racing.

For those not familiar with Game Informer magazine its the 5th largest publication in the USA with over 6 million Subscribers. Their parent company Game stop has over 7k retail locations. So how did Game Informer get involved with Drifting. Well we can thank Formula Drift team Jeff Jones Racing for that. The team has managed to create a media partnership with GI to publish periodic contests for the team and it's sponsors. You can enter to win free drift lessons from Jeff Jones and title sponsor @Drinkdoc along with a trip to California. Game Informer magazine has a massive online presences with over 20 million online subscribers playing everything from Call of Duty to Drifting competitions in Forza. The goal for Jeff Jones Racing is to continue to bring the sport of drifting closer to the millions of fans playing video games. In recent discoveries we found that a single online drift competition in Forza Horizon 3 called Drift Wars can have over 1000 players per event all trying for a top 32 spot. The same group is seeing tens of thousands of drifters follow them on social media and video sharing apps. This all goes to show you that The match of a Pro Drift team along with a video game magazine is perfect to help grow the sport and we hope to see more relationships like this in the future.

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