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ITEM-B - Grassroots Drifting

Along with covering a couple drift events down in Southern Oregon, I had the pleasure of doing a full photoshoot with a pretty rad dude, some good friends and a beautiful FC Rx7. Evan Brown (ItemB) is a Southern Oregon local grassroots drifter with a fiery passion for the sport, which is shown through his aggressive track style and his livery covered FC, which was designed by Factory83.

This car sports a BN Sport-Style front, side skirts, rear bumper and hood, fitted next to modified +85mm front fenders and +140mm rear over-fenders, a beautiful Big Country Lab rear wing and custom rear window louvers.

Under the hood of this FC is a big 500 WHP and 465 Ib-ft LS1 with LS6 Patriot heads and manifold, joined with a T56 Transmission. One thing that sets this car apart, besides the custom livery, over fenders and aero wolf canards, is the SSR SP1 Wheels. 18x9.5 -10mm front and 18x11 -20mm rear. I absolutely love these wheels.

Shameless plug to Corbeau Seats USA because their seats are of insane quality and provide maximum comfort! Especially in a sometimes daily driven track built drift car.

As previously mentioned, this FC can be daily driven and if you are local, it'll most likely be spotted in a Dutch Bros line. But to get to this location, you have to drive through an old mining town, which is now a popular retirement area. So.. Straight Piped LS1 and a retirement community? Lets just say it made for a good reaction video.

Many photographers like to mount their camera's to shoot rolling shots, but I think that takes away some of the fun. So for this shot, as always, I was hand holding, out of the window. I'm used to crazy looks from others and the occasional shout. But as I was hanging out the window for this shot, I couldn't help but reflect back on when I was dreaming of shooting these types of cars. Always pursue your passions and dreams, never quit. (Shameless Motivational Plug)

This car looks just as beautiful straight as it does sideways! Who knew I would love pink accents on a car, but dang, I do!

If you hangout with Evan (ItemB) at the track, one thing you can hear is "Why are the stickers backwards?!" Well, they are "Backwards" because they are perfectly mirrored from the left side of the car!

And what fun would a photoshoot be without some good burnouts?! I had an absolute blast shooting this car! Go give Evan Brown a follow (@ItemB) and see the newest version of his livery, which is to come within the next few months. I'll post a gallery of all the other shots from this shoot.

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