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Bash To The Future V

Drift is easily my favorite motorsport to shoot. There is so much happening all at once, so much energy and chaos, yet pure bliss. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Pro 1,2 and Proam, but there is just nothing like a well established grassroots event. The atmosphere is second to none, the pits are warm and inviting, the smiles are contagious and the track time is off the charts.

As a Pacific Northwest Native (PNW) I am very familiar with the drift scene and was extremely excited to travel back to my hometown in Southern Oregon to cover Bash To The Future V, held by Drift Evolution. Besides the drifting, one of my favorite aspects to capture is the life in the pits. Especially at grassroot events where tensions aren’t high.

This beautiful baby blue 240sx is the perfect example of extremely clean style mixed with biting performance!

Rob had one of the cleanest and best performing cars out on the track! Another perfect example of style and performance! (Shameless plug to Rising Sun Imports, WiseConcepts and Factory83)

Bash just so happened to land on the same day as the local high schools graduation, and Hunter already knew how he was going to celebrate! Sporting his graduation gown, balloons, and replacing his cap with a Simpson racing helmet! Good choice, Hunter! Congratulations!

Jake Possemato definitely knows how to sling his s14 around the corners. A very enjoyable car to shoot, due to its aggressive front end, and its Japanese style livery.

I was extremely impressed by the quality of cars at Bash. For grassroots drifting, its very common to find mismatched body panels and s13's all the colors of the rainbow, but bash raised the standards. Not only did a majority have full paint, but they were driving some very clean and nicely built cars, much like this beautiful R32.

It was a pleasure to be able to capture some of my good friends drifting, as it was our home track. David has built one of the craziest Miata's I have ever seen, with angle you would never believe, and the car has been built 100% by himself, with the help of a few beers and some good friends.

This beastly FD Rx7 is powered by a Twin charged 1JZ, supplying a crazy amount of power and an insane and intimidating sound, that brought a smile to my face every time I heard it.

Formula Drift Pro Matt Coffman joined in the fun as well! Fun fact: Coffman and I (Evan) grew up in the same town. It is very awesome to see him living out his dreams!

Ian definitely has a one of a kind Subaru! Sporting a Replica Chargespeed bumper, custom grille, JZX100 headlights and 22B Style front and rear overs! Built by Rising Sun Imports, Wiseconcepts, and Factory83. Easily one of my favorite cars of the weekend.

Another Formula Drift Pro, Chelsea Denofa came down to enjoy the track as well with his E36 BMW. Within his first few runs, he was leading tandem trains nearing 5-8 cars.

This car was absolutely insane. Not only because I am a die hard E30 fan, but also due to the turbo LS motor under the hood.

Villains Drift showed up and threw down on the track! An awesome drift team and an awesome group of guys!

And a beautiful Silvia to close out this post. If you would like to see more of this event, a full gallery will be posted shortly! I had a blast covering this event, and I can't wait until Bash VI.

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