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Catching up with Fast Kenny Moen

Kenny Moen was arguably the fastest most consistent driver in all of Formula Drift for several years. It was a sad day in motor sports when we heard the news that he was not competing in the 2017 Formula Drift championship. Drift Illustrated was able to catch up to the elusive and extremely fast Kenny Moen and ask him a few questions about his decision to leave FD and what he has been up to since.

Hey Kenny Thanks for slowing down enough for us to catch up with you for a few questions,

1. Tell us a little about how you got into drifting.

Kenny: Back in 2002 I believe it was, I did a a racing series called Peugeot cup. It was over 20 identical Peugeot 206 cars racing in one series. Well, we had a guest race at Gatebil that year. I guess you all know what Gatebil is? If not, you have to check it out! At Gatebil I saw a lot of powerful cars sliding around the track. After that event a friend of mine, Fredrik Sørlie showed me a YouTube clip of a crazy guy in a AE86 drifting around a small track in Japan. I was sold! The year after I was on Gatebil in a 200hp S14. In 2007

2 friends and myself was finally able to start the first drifting series in Norway.

2. Can you tell us more about your early drift career and how it transitioned into Formula Drift

Kenny: My drifting competition career started in 2007. I won the Norwegian series in 2008 and 2009. In 2010 I won the Nordic series. A good friend of mine, Buttsy Butler tried for a long time to convince me to take the big step and go to FD. In 2011 we took the chance and sent my 350z over without even having a place to store it. While the car was in a container on the way over another friend, Aaron Guardado offered us to help out and take care of the car before we had to ship it to Atlanta. In Atlanta I met Lutz Performance and they took care of the car my first 3 years.

3. How do you compare the Norwegian Drift championship to Formula Drift?

Kenny: Norway actually has a lot of drivers, and many very good drivers. At Gatebil drifting series last weekend it was over 60 cars.

It's way more money in FD, big teams and the best drivers from all over the world.

it's difficult to compare those 2, but I'm very proud of what we have here in Norway.

4. You spent many years in Formula Drift what can you say was your best memory?

My best memory from FD was definitely Long Beach 2014. Car was not done in time. I had some of the people I care most about with me, and after almost no sleep we made it to the event with a new car and no testing ahead. We got second in the competition. That moment I will never forget.

5. You were one of the fastest most consistent drivers in formula drift, why did you decide not to run 2017?

Kenny: Thank you for kind words!

I never had the budget and time to do it right. For 2017 I did not have the budget to do the whole season, so it did not make sense keep on going halfway.

6. Now that your not running this season what do you miss the most about competing in Formula Drift?

I miss the people, the locations and I really miss the moment when you put the helmet on and competing against the best drivers in the world. I've done this for a while now, and it's weird to not be doing it anymore.

7. You have seen success in many forms of motor sports what form do you feel takes the most driving skill?

Kenny: I've done Go kart racing, Rally and drifting. It all is very different and challenging in there own way. But I will say, Rally is the most challenging motor sport form you can do. Every time you enter a corner, it's a new corner.

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8. If you had an unlimited budget what drift platform would you build?

Before I started drifting I was a BMW guy. Now I'm back in a BMW, and it feels good! Haha! If I had unlimited budget I have to say a brand new BMW M2 or M3. All Kevlar body, Wisefab suspension, Samsonas sequential transmission, Winters quick change differential and the most powerful NA V8 money can buy!

9. When are we going to see you back in Formula Drift?

I think it will be hard to come back. But if someone gives me the budget I need to do it 100% I'm in.

10. Tell us about what your up to right now. What series are you running where can your fans find your racing and drift competitions.

I'm doing all 5 Gatebil events with my Manimal Energy E46. (No competition) Also I'm going to race a 1000hp Lamborghini Gallardo twin turbo race car for Brian James Trailers in Gatebil Extreme Racing Series the last 3 events. On Facebook, Kenneth Kenny Moen. Instagram, fastkenny22.


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