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Formula Drift Atlanta Pro 2 Recap

Formula Drift Atlanta Pro 2 recap

Round 2 of the Formula Drift Pro 2 battles ended with an anticlimactic final run but the overall event was a great showing for the 2017 Pro2 class.

The night started out with the number one qualifier Danny George facing off against Robins. Danny George blew over the first clip and ran a bad line giving Robins the advantage, Robins stepped it up and put together a great lead run advancing on to the great 8.

Matt Vankirk vs Trenton Beechum

Beechum started with a big gap but used the track to get on the door of Van Kirk giving the advantage to Beechum

On Trenton Beechum's lead run he miscalculated the first clip and ate a cone ending his run allowing Matt Van Kirk to advance to the great 8.

Austin Meeks vs Spike Chen

Meeks runs a solid lead, Chen straightens to try to close the gap

Chen's lead run shuts down and Meeks continues with an impressive but unnecessary finish.

Brody Goble vs Ola Jaeger

Brody leads with an aggressive initiation but grips up a bit and allows Olga a bit of room to gain proximity. Olas Lead run was solid but fell off the second clip and ran a similar line as Goble. A OMT was given here because of similar lines.

Dirk Stratton VS C Filippi

Strattons lead run Filippi shoots in hard with maximum proximity making contact on Stratton. Advantage Stratton

C Filippi lead run: Fillippi ran a decent run until Stratton hit the gas gaining proximity and closed the door taking the advantage.

OMT Goble VS Jaeger: Goble Advances on to the great 8

S Gyorgy VS R Waters

Gyorgy lead run lights them up with on outside line struggles to put together a good line.

Waters lead run carries allot of speed while Gyorgy cant put together a follow run. Allowing Waters to advance.

Josh Robbins VS Hooman Rahimi

Robbins lead run was cut short do to some mechanical failures bowing out giving the run to Hooman. Calls 5 and comes back out for his follow run.

Robbins seams to continue to have car problems. Hooman runs a decent line out front advances on.

Hatley VS Reeder

Hatleys Lead runs an aggressive lead run but Reeder kept up the and closed in at the last clip.

Reeders lead run good execution and nice angle but held his own and kept up with the line.

Reeder get the victory and advances on.

Great 8 Vankirk VS Robbins

Vankirk lead run: pulls out strong but Alec tightens until Robbins stomped the throttle and made a run for it. Robbins lead run: comes in with a wide swing Vankirk keeps up and closes the gap and staying on line with some great adjustment. Vankirk advances,.

Goble VS Meeks

Meeks Lead: pulls away but overcooked it and lost his line giving the the opportunity for Goble to close the door. Goble lead run: solid run stays online as Meeks falls off and loses 2 tires on the rear clip. Giving the win to Goble

Stratton VS Waters

Stratton Lead: snaps into the rumble strip and goes into the kitty litter.

Waters Lead: comes in too hot and shoots straight into the litter giving Stratton a lucky break. and a OMT battle.

Reeder VS Hooman

Reeder leads: big flick good execution missed the outside zone but looked solid.

Hooman Leads:Strong initiation but falls offline and allows Reeder to close the gap and ride his door. Advance Reeder

Stratton VS Waters

Stratton lead: comes in hot loses tire off the track as waters tucks in and stays close towards the end.

Waters Lead: Stratton falls way back as waters runs a strong line and leaves Stratton off course and offline.

Waters Advances.

Final 4

Goble VS Vankirk

Goble Lead: comes in strong up the hill with Vankirk keeping proximity showing great composure, Advantage Vankirk

Vankirk Lead: comes in super fast stays online and Goble struggles and falls of course.

Vankirk Advances.

Goble gets 3rd place due to his high qualification points.

Waters VS Reeder

Waters Lead: strong run strong line Reeder falls of and struggles to keep up. Advantage Waters

Reeders Lead: Waters comes in too hot and makes contact

Reeder gets the win based on his lead..

In a huge anticlimactic moment Vankirk suffers a mechanical failure and will hand the victory to Travis Reeder.

Travis Reeder had an amazing night and is now the Pro2 Points leader.

1. Travis Reeder

2 Matt VanKirk

3. Brody Goble


1 Travis Reeder 185.00

2 Brody Goble 107.00

3 Randall Waters 107.00

4 Matt Vankirk 105.00

5 Kevin Lawrence103.00

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