• Greg Jones

Maximum Driftcast giving drifting a voice.

Maximum DriftCast is an automotive drifting podcast that discusses professional and grassroots drifting around the world. Its hosts are 3 US based drifting enthusiasts from Phoenix AZ. They're names are Cory Hosford (Pro 2 Formula Drift Driver) Paco Ibarra ( Drifts for fun, owns 2f Performance and has a cool tofu drift van. and Finally Sam Nalven (Drift Idiot and Pro Video guy).

These 3 guys have put themselves on the map very quickly and without much competition in the sport these guys were able to build a very strong following very quickly. The bi-weekly shows consist of Pro Formula Drift Drivers, Owners and FD event organizers Jim Law and Ryan Sage. They have also interviewed international drivers, series managers of IDC and grass roots drivers.

My overall opinion of the show is fantastic. The hosts spend time learning about the guests in depth, they dig into the history and the inner makings of the guests. Before they wrap up they do a Q & A with every guests asking questions coming directly from the fans,

For those of you who have not heard a show go to Maximumdriftcast ASAP to get caught up.

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